Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shim Sham @ The Kitchen

Roxanne 'Butterfly' eyes wide open and spellbinding feet
tip tap click clack she's stampin' and hoofin'
sounding the origins of the broadway boogie beat
coded history in staccato rhythms
telling motion and emotion
keeping alive the story of the street

each has their own hard won step up to the stage
high speedin' slow slidin' scrapin' sweepin' and drawin'
rippin' heart and soul
writing in sound

a foot flying archive
shoe shine boy roots
a living oracle to pass on down
a youthful future to carry
generations unite in the shim sham shimmy

the foot stomping congregation
blown away by the revelation
Jazz sews the threads
of a true multi-culture

the transaction is love

the story is told

Shim Sham at The Kitchen 29th January

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