Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dim Sum &
The Chinese New Year of The Rabbit

Meeting with friends at the House of The Golden Unicorn, I have to squeeze my way through crowded hallway all heaving with chatter and anticipation. Chinatown ways, we hold our number 25 and listen for the call to Dim Sum. When our turn arrives we ascend the stairs and enter in a large banqueting room filled with round tables where groups are talking over steaming plates. We are ushered by men in suits to a table which we share with others. Chinese women with trolleys in constant circulation offer and distribute tea and dumplings, noodles and black mushrooms, bock choi and rice communal portions lively chopstick rituals start a golden day.

Interestingly the parade in Chinatown begins with Americana spectacle of 1940's glamour girls riding in tow of open top car. They are dressed in bright coloured military uniforms kitsch nostalgic theatrical throwback a gloss red lipstick liberating force. As the main procession approaches from in the distance thousands wait popping occasional firecrackers launching confetti into the sky ringing the ears and myriad paper strips curl twist in winter sunlight street plumes glittering clouds sign the parade's progress

speak sparks of gold red black
fur lined silver threaded
writhing turning loop careering
martial art movements
balance lift hold
snaking dragons
lingering lions
elate the crowd in tinsel showers
popping and sparking
firework cracking
gold coin rain
parachuting prayers
gifts of good fortune
children jump to catch
other out-stretched hands
in silent camera clicking
intermittent interruption
in the flow of our perception

The colour proceeds against a backdrop that is China. Happy wishes. The year of the Rabbit has meaning for rabbits and we rabbits, we'll look for the positives. Walking back through the milling spectators side streets deep with purple and pink confetti not yet trodden and grim. Amongst the debris I find a red ribbon prayer good luck of a blessing retrieved and received. Just like me finding good fortune among the lost and discarded.

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