Sunday, February 13, 2011

Excerpts from Washington DC

Overheard telephone conversations on the street:

“He treated me like one of his students.”

“I can’t really get along with her.”

Office politics and backroom consultations full volume confidential conducted at brisk walking pace on the way to the next public display of perfect manners and restraint

Meanwhile at the National Mall try to guess which of the joggers passing through the manicured scene are military or security, who are executive, diplomatic, secretarial. Atheletic administration in hardcourt prep for upcoming face offs

On a triangle of astro-turf sprouting between avenues, specimen canines and their well groomed owners socialise and pick-up-after in their collective taking of the air sporting around their railing enclosure golf course aesthetic polite collective hygene keeps sidewalks clean


Knowledge is POWER! 'educational' slogan, DC

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