Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SoundWave @ Death By Audio

Space run as feminist collective. Living accomodation and adjacent performance venue in post industrial landscape (could miss the doorway hidden as it is among many doors of the same appearance). They maintain a full calendar of events including poetry readings, theatre, live music productions and art events almost every night of the week.

Inside, the walls are covered with bright coloured murals cartoon aesthetic and photocopy posterizing, flying angel mice with heart shaped faces play harps, while gruesome slime beasts smile appealingly. Painterly conversion into psychedelic grotto cake sale, zine/information stand beer stall art intervention. The venue is organised and manned by a dedicated new wave of young feminist activists of all genders seeking to continue the work of previous generations. Who, from their own experiences percieve that much still needs to be done to overcome prejudice and abuse.

Poets are up first exhibiting different styles; one speaks of failed relationships and victim abuse – highly personal accounts of pillowtalk and acts you may not be aware of; the second delivers hard hitting blows conscious experience of being both abused and abuser, appealing to our sense that the world changes with an awareness and ability to change oneself.

Live bands featured include a ukulele playing songstress and a well rehearsed poppy combo. The highlight for this participant was noon:30; a young black female three piece outfit who begin amongst sparse guitar and fluctuating frequency feedback modulations, incoming deep fuzz bass drives simple rhythm space chimes then from nowhere an angelic voice seeps into and over the sound and lifts the drone into another dimension. Sharp sonic blasts of cut and stitched tv radio broadcasts pierce ears carried by enduring trance state. The tempo is up and we are dancing and out comes the megaphone and she’s screaming her passion, commitment, defiance jumping into the audience this is now rockin drum driven guitar chandeliers.

A great night, and more power.

Images: Poster graffiti, Bedford Avenue

SoundWave activity @ Death by Audio

noon:30 megaphone and noon:30 Space Call

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