Monday, January 31, 2011

chelsea art ghetto promenade

"is a memorial allowed to be cosy?"*

through snow trenches we are shuffling
recognising the types
why else would we be here in this run down place?
body shop bricks car parking dirty bridges
we are on the fringes we enter our fridges
tombs to creativity morgue for dead art
awaiting final resting places on walls of stellar pads
the latest talent will hang
by fur coats in halls art trophy from the hunt
negotiated for a snip "did you see anything good?"
pass the word who's fair game? pack animals emerge
from luxury lairs scout for a move
and pounce
in white cube concrete aesthetic terrain
fashion art home decor-plan/lifestyle choice
trash to treasure swipe that card
strike that pose convey that serious aura
the knowing nod nothing happening here today
gallery makeover for the next new thing

distance between box and street only a pane of security glass
preventing grime getting in
hermetic sealed air leaking
torn dayglo posters patch broken brown shutters
small herds of strutting creatures tawny and crisp
alert sedated eyeing seeking
calculating following
we are one
we are artworld

a few gems I have to admit
my caution my aversion my neck hairs prickling
(brooklyn radar...? chelsea radar here!)

*stolen line from show at Anton Kern Gallery


1. dustbin at Anton Kern Gallery
2. work on show at Cueto Projects
3. gallery poster & art outside ZieherSmith
4. floor of Paula Cooper (I think)
5. lobby of Kim Foster

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