Saturday, January 22, 2011

Circle line

The subway riff - Obediently herded by by unseen voices of instruction people particles negotiate trajectories following signs, instincts and routines and to the left a stompimg country blues outfit of time-served keepers of the thrumming rhythm bass shifting the crowd along.

Circle line tour of the river shows the skyscraper views of the Manhattan Mountain range steel gold glass concrete copper gold turquoise black silver and shiny reaching and stamping marks of financial market returns. Liberty powdered blue static gesture in cold wind off the river surge. We hear of famous residents and the prices they paid for their pads in the sky with personal lifts from car to apartment no photos please. but we are click happy in the freezing cold shaking to catch the view random shots grids and blocks layering of architectural gestures constant sedimentation of successive power proclamations one upon another juxtaposition of historical moments of economic conquest and dominion.

On the Brooklyn side non-places now spaces await their return to becoming places once again. The narrator gives us the low down on affordable housing and the lack: Living competing with Economy for Life.

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