Monday, January 24, 2011

New York Public Library

Exhibition THR33 Faiths:

ancient and modern
illuminated texts form
Islamic, Jewish and Christian signs
calligraphic ornamented emblematic
gold leaf
natural pigments
common threads
horned Moses

no photos
use your eyes
use your mind

Broadway Through Times Square:

media blitz
heavy police presence
hawkers beggars and advertising
looking for your money

refuse the photo-op
no free ads in your album

externalised interior nature of corporate fantasy/mind
perfect image re-production
social sculpture for gains
profit and power and accumulation
moulding collective consciousness

Like flocks of sea birds
nesting in crevices
of neon cliffs
eating and excreting
money and goods
trading values and economies
beyond any reasonable limit
excess of production:

absorption into
dangerous material intelligence
virtual life suspends the natural law
at a price beyond conception

a green Latin leprechaun
face freezing stiff on ice-wind-blast street corner
ill fitting garb and a dejected aura
high class shoppers spend plastic wads
homeless shadows mill and scour

Grand Central Zone:
women in furs
men in rags
horned traffic
walk/don't walk

ghosts apparitions shades souls
moving within
momentarily visible
stray flows
on singular missions
free radicals pick up
the small change
of an indifferent form of illusion
multiple dimensions shifting proximity
between and within

choosing to see... or not

register... or not

acknowledge... or not

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