Tuesday, April 12, 2011

corona park

we have overpassed the future

rarified gaseous envelope
of sun and other stars
made visible during solar eclipse
silver glowing dark moon disc
illuminated trace of energy release

mega relics
present overpassed
speak of
past futures
mass enthusiasm
of childhood dreams
appropriated surpassed
beautiful winter desolation
the aura of a future promise
all boarded up - broken glass
dripped stained - concrete flake
cracked - frayed edge entropy
of old brave new worlds
jetsons park benches
ancient curves
do not invite
ice-age thaw

is this how we are going to live
at this point in someone else's future
no more rain on skin
no more sun in eyes
our honeycomb skies
a membrane limit
on our capacity to survive

in geodesic ark
shelter shield
from poisoned winds


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