Wednesday, May 11, 2011

central park lungs of the city

here one can imagine nature taking back
the physical architecture - the processes of commerce
transforming the life of the city into a communion
with organic flows outside of productivity and performance
a simple enhancement of daily practice
where the trees are equals of intelligence we have yet to grasp
(we creeping vines that strangle through all-conquering desire)
a symbiosis of animal and plant cells engaging with mineral structures
oxygentank for natural charge
unkempt - unruly
wild entropy - ecstatic growth
life cycles of organic soup bubbling
fermenting amid the NY elite microwave

"they should be treating us like royalty"

here in this fantasy garden
a cultured wilderness maintained for the few
decorated horses pull carriages day-in day-out
unthankful burden of self important parades
animal rights protestors jeer and wave
disapproval at the equine lot

look the other way
hide your frosty breath in fur and camel hair collars
make up will hide that fake regret
spray-on station maintains this life to be led
If only one would wake from one's walking sleep
raise the consciousness and live one's living dream

this could be an harmonic scene but the truth is;
it masks the monstro-city of that which lubricates the wheels of power
a pleasant screen field where we almost rub shoulders with that which we cannot


valentine rejection subway 33

arms raised high
come gift crashing down
smashed smithereens skating
on time trodden tiles
black sharded shockwave
epicentre anguished youth

no consolation
at the inopportune moment
of no consent
to love lost in loss
a public performance
of the tragic hero
we cannot intervene
from the other side of the tracks

witnessing from within
personal bubbles of thought

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