Saturday, March 19, 2011

the graveyard shift

starts before it begins
subway doowop gospel quartet
one dollar bonus ride
donkey jacket knuckle five
keeps a smile on your face
keeps your forehead wrinkle free
keeps your hair from being messed up
"Thanks everyone,
you just bought us
three packets
of oreo." ha ha
"By the end of the day,
we are goin' to be flyin'!"
subterranean high speed
whistle stop jammin
sweeping through
collecting loose
I am saved
rockin on down
under 25th

the graveyard shift:
the one who patrolled
the cemetery at night
to listen for the cries
of the resurrected
buried before their time

to draw attention to
the re-awakened
state of death
please pull
a string tied
to your former deceased finger
passed through a hole in the casket
connected to a bell or flag

dead ringer saved by the bell

pyramid saves remains
wave to liberty

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